Tessie and Katniss are the same in someways, but different others. Katniss and Tessie  both lived in Dystonia . Katniss hates the lottery, but Tessie does not care on less its her. A other way Katniss and Tessie are different  is Katniss  cares about her family, but Tessie  does not.

Both lived in Dystonia. Both of the stories have a lottery ever year which people get pick to get killed. Each lottery is made by a government or ruler. People get pick to get killed.

Katniss hated lottery but Tessie did not. Katniss said “I’m  feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping that its not me”.That shows that Katniss does not like to be in the lottery. Tessie feels good  with the lottery as long  she does not  gets pick.

A other way they are different is how they care  about there family’s. When katniss family was pick she  safricas .She said ” I volunteer as tribute” how ever when Tessie family  was pick  she  said ” take my daughter “.

Tessie and Katniss have some similar and some different. They both lived in Dystonia but Katniss try to protected her family but Tessie did not. I hop you read this books

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