I will work as mathematicians.To be a Mathematicians you need to  know Jobs responsibilities. You need to have skills and good education.and now the job outlooks.

my responsibility for Mathematicians.  Mathematicians need to collect data.Many Mathematicians need to now how to use technology. Mathematicians  need to knew to make decision.

There are skills and education for Mathematicians. To be a Mathematicians  you knew a master degree or a bachelor’s degree. A Mathematician need to have solving problems  skills to solve  a problem your company  has. You also need some math skills to  collect data and figured how something costed.

What are the outlook for a Mathematician?. A Mathematicians  will get pay very good starting at 101,900. A  Mathematician job  is growing ever year. Mathematician  is a growing job.

I am going to  work  as Mathematician. Will collect data , get a master degree , and win lots of  money.I wish to  Be a good  as Mathematicians.





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