Remote learning

Remote learning is very stressful for me.  Remote learning is stressful because you do not have a teacher to help you understand a problem or questions.  You also have to go over many thing just to get to your homework and class work. Also my head hurt when i use the computer and eyes.


One problem with remote learning is that there no one to help you like a teacher or friends.  for example when you are at home and you a question you need to send a  email to your to teacher to help you and that can take so much time up to one day for a teacher to answered your question. also if you do not  have your teacher email you need to find or tells so one if they knew there email. will you are looking for something you need to go over many things like website or need to search some thing it can take a long time to find it and if you have a teacher she or he can give  it to you.


when you are using  a computer it can be hard for you to use. for example   you need to find your assignments and your computer start to freezes will the only thing you can do is to tell your teacher but wait you cant because your teacher is doing remote learning  so you have  to wait on till you go  to school. a computer  can be hard to use especially will you are doing your school work. if  your internet  is the worst will good luck  doing your home or class work.



when you use  a computer  a lot you can have many effects like headaches and your eyes hurt. when you use your computer a lot you can feel your head hurting a lot that because you use your computer a lot

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