I think we  should  name a school after  Cesar Chavez .We should name a school after Cesar  Chavez because he help Latino famers get right.We should name a school after Cesar Chavez because  he give  Latino people the right to vote.Cesar chavez belive non-violent way.

Cesar Chavez help latin farmers get rights.He  gave  import speeches to people about rights for latino people. He help them get more  money for  their familys.

The end of the world

I think the world will end by overheating.Overheating will end the  world when the sun’s solar  rays reach the earth it  will then burn the plant.If  the  plant  dies  the animals will not have food  to  eat, and the  people  that eat fruits or animals  will die too.



In the coming year I will change three things . I will lose weight .I will try to get good at  skateboards.I will be nice to my peers.                                                                                                                                There are some things I will do this coming year to lose weight. First I will eat healthy things like apples ,bananas ,and some oranges. I will go to the park and run some laps and do monkey bars.I will go to the  gym with my dad to do jump ropes.

 this  coming year I will  get good at skateboards. I will get good  at my Balance so do not fall out the skateboard. I will get in the  internet  to larned skateboard tricks .And I will tell my friends to teach my some tricks and how to use the skateboard.

 This coming year I will be good and nice to my peers. I will be nice by giving them funny jokes. I will not  be  selfish.I will till them if they need something.                                                                                                                                                                                                      This are the three  thing I will change  this  year.